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Always Follow The Elephants Book

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About This Item:

About this item

Get the facts about calories, cocktails, colds and curious cures from The New York Times "Really" columnist Anahad O'Connor

In this follow-up to the bestselling "Never Shower in a Thunderstorm," New York Times reporter Anahad O'Connor uncovers the truth behind a hundred more old wives' tales and conventional-wisdom cures. O'Connor investigates nagging questions of domestic safety, such as whether you can get radiation poisoning from standing too close to a microwave. (You'll actually be exposed to more watts from your cell phone.)

He unearths astounding first-aid "MacGyverisms," such as the attempts by Vietnam War battlefield medics and professional sports stars to seal wounds with superglue. (The bottom line: It works, but can irritate skin.)

For anyone curious about whether to starve a fever or a cold, or whether stifling a sneeze will damage the body, O'Connor delivers yet another winning and irresistible collection of tips about our health.

"Amuses and enlightens...Wondering about the possible health risks of nose-blowing? Whether diving into a pool of water will save you from a bee attack?...O'Connor has answers." -Booklist

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