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Modern Art Desserts

Modern Art Desserts

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About This Item:

About this item

Taking cues from modern art's most revered artists, these 27 showstopping desserts in this collection of uniquely delicious recipes, from a fudge pop based on an Ellsworth Kelly sculpture to a pristinely segmented cake fashioned after Mondrian's well-known composition. Turn your kitchen into your atelier by making parfait, geles, ice pops, ice cream, cakes, and inventive drinks exhibiting the charm and sophistication of works by Warhol, Sherman, Matisse, Koons, Lichtenstein, Avedon, Thiebaud, and more. Featuring an image of the original artwork alongside a museum curator's perspective on the original piece and detailed, easy-to-follow directions (with step-by-step assembly guides adapted for home bakers), Modern Art Desserts will inspire a kitchen gallery of stunning treats.

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