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Lincoln and New York (Hardcover)

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Lincoln and New York (Hardcover) Book

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About this item

Edited by Harold Holzer, with original chapters by a roster of distinguished scholars, including Jean H. Baker, Catherine Clinton, James Oliver Horton, Michael Kammen, Barnet Schecter, Craig L. Symonds and Frank Williams.

Addendum: We regret that the image on the cover of the catalogue, Lincoln in New York, was improperly attributed. The correct caption is: Mathew B. Brady (ca. 1823-96). Abraham Lincoln, New York, February 27, 1860. Albumen print, wet plate collodion process. The Collection of Keya Morgan,, NYC.

Abraham Lincoln has long been remembered as a product of Illinois by way of Kentucky and Indiana-by tradition, one of American history's quintessential westerners. But Lincoln owed much of his national political success, not to mention his enshrinement in public memory, to his impact on the quintessentially eastern state of New York, and in turn, to New York's profound impact on him. This visual impact constitutes virtually unexplored intellectual territory. The full measure of the sixteenth president's relationship with New York City has never been properly investigated. The 2009 New– York Historical Society exhibition, which this companion book accompanies, explores for the first time how America's flourishing media and financial capital– also a center of pro– slavery sentiment and anti– Lincoln Democratic politics– contributed to and influenced Lincoln's political rise, his prosecution of the Civil War, his decisions on emancipation and African– American enlistment, and ultimately Lincoln's place in history. This volume and the exhibition cap the national observances of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday.

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