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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman Ornament

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About This Item:

About this item

This classic image of Harriet Tubman from the New-York Historical Society is set in epoxy resin and backed with 14 karat gold plated brass. One in a series of five American Abolitionist Miniatures created for the exhibition New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War, the miniature is a 2 inch oval and includes a silk ribbon for hanging on the wall or Christmas tree. Tubman's quote "I never ran my train off the track, and I never lost a passenger" is inscribed on the back, and an informative history card is included in the elegant blue gift box.

"You'll be free or die," warned Harriet Tubman (ca. 1820-1913) as she led enslaved people out of the South. Tubman threatened fugitives with a gun if they tried to jump off the Underground Railroad, a network of safe houses along secret routes to the North.

Tubman was the eleventh child of enslaved parents in Maryland's Dorchester County. She called herself Harriet, after her mother, and took the last name of her free black husband John Tubman. Rumors that she would be sold drove Harriet to escape to Philadelphia in 1849. She risked her freedom to make 19 daring trips back South, leading more than 300 slaves-including her parents and brother-out of bondage.

Nicknamed "the Moses of her people," Tubman later served the Union Army as a nurse, scout, and spy. After the Civil War, she sheltered blacks at her home in Auburn, New York, and supported two schools for freed blacks in the South. She was buried in Auburn with military honors.

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